The Single fin colour range and templates every summer session needs in 2023.

Summer’s here and so that means new summer colours and fins from Freefall Surf Industries. All our favourite templates got the makeover we all love to froth on. Countless hours of colour matching, endless sunset beers chatting over what fins worked best and not so best that day and then the favourite part – the testing! Lombok, Bali, Sumbawa, a few secret spots we can’t mention and most of importantly of all listening to you – our customers and what you wanted to see added to Santa’s wishlist in 2022. Get further up the nose and toes over the edge with our refined rake and outlines while you’re going to be swinging that log round much quicker with some of the new updates on our Pivot Singles. More surf, less work is our motto leading into Christmas. #shredwithus

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