TWIN + 1 Ultralite turns the fun up a few more levels.

Wet Season Bali 20/21 once again has proven to be the gift that keeps on giving. Our team and friends surfed non stop across so many different conditions and set ups testing our huge array of samplers and prototypes. Once the season changed, the votes counted, feedback adhered to,  it was a few obvious models that really stood out. Our updated twin+1 template just kept polling the results that our test pilots were seeking each and every time. The drive and speed these fins produce really has to be ridden to believe. Plug in the stabilizer and its all the control you always searched for from a twin fin but just couldn’t hang on thru some of those turns when you pushed the power button a touch more than usual. Another factor we really looked at closely was keeping the weight down without sacrificing the required flex and our signature Ultralite core once again ticked all those boxes. Looking for the ultimate addition to your quiver of fins, freeing up that board that just didn’t get the required fun factor you were looking for or just want to hit hyper speed? Look no further as the new Freefall Twin+1 Ultralite series covers all that and some.

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