Xmas Sorted With New High Line Twin Series Colourways

Our newly found favourite twin fin summer shredder just dropped with all-new colourways right in time for Xmas! More refined and ready to boost your twin fin performance surfing to the next level. Missing out on sections that are presenting themselves for a good old fashion belting? Worried about nursing bottom turns due to past twin fin experiences not holding when the waves get a bit more powerful? Tried keels and other larger twin fins and just not getting the zap and pop that you see the usual suspects on instagram displaying? We weren’t either and after months of development, our High Line series now has filled the void and twisting things into new dimensions. The sessions that have been going down with the run of epic swells we have had in Bali recently have been beyond expectations and now we look forward to sharing the same excitement with our customers. Good times & high lines have now arrived in our latest twin fin format.

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