The All New 2023 Freefall Surfboard Range

Our Freefall surfboard range has been loaded into the racks at our concept store in Bali. 

First up our performance step up is aptly titled the Razor Blade, a low rail and pulled-in rounded pin tail that knifes big take-offs and holds when the going gets tuff. Ranging in stock dimensions from 5’9 to 6’4, it’s built to get the job done around Indo’s premiere surf breaks when they fire up. Available in 5 fin option and perfectly paired with our F3 and Pro 2 fin templates. 

The ‘Shredder’ is our performance twin fin that is built for pushing hard off the bottom and thru the tightest of turns.  A refined swallowtail really gives the Shredder all the control you’re searching for in a twin fin but struggle to find on the racks at your local surf shop.  Load it up with one of our Freefall performance twin fin sets of fins and the sky’s the limit. 

The Cosmic Twin is our answer to Indonesia’s long barreling perfect waves. The pulled-in tail and extended rail really enjoys challenging everything that is thrown its way when waves are on, more so than some of the thrusters we have surfed in recent years. The feedback has been nothing short of perfect on this twin pin and has been our best-selling board across our range to date. Ride it two to four inches longer than your shortboard and push it hard.  

Our most versatile model, the Day Tripper comes in options a plenty. Ride it as a Quad, Thruster, Twin or 2+1 depending on how you choose to take your session. With a winged tail into a swallow and beaked nose, the Day Tripper packs extra volume to up your wave count and make paddling a breeze. Looking for a one-board quiver to travel with? This board works both as a groveller and a performance board due to its gradual but enough rocker to blast hard.

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