The Retro twin is exactly what the instructions tell us, Old School lines with the flare of the 80’s. Traditional keel outline that has lasted the test of time and still gets the attention of the watchers on the beach as Captain Good Vibes flashes past in a burst of speed that’s rarely seen on anything that resembles a semi normal surf craft in 2020 and beyond! Looking to relive your childhood memories or just want to inject some much needed fun into your summer quiver? Look no further as the Retro Twin is exactly what you are looking for. Made from the highest quality resins, tint and glass, don’t be fooled by its playful appearance – these fins are the most cutting edge keels on the market under $100


That upgrade to your love of surfing is now here in the Retro 2 keel format. A slightly larger base gives this even more hold than our original template making it thru the section of the day a cake walk in top gear. After a smaller season of waves and riding our original keel template the timing of popping some of these into our favorite fish tail couldn’t of come at a better time. If you like the feel of a twin fin and not into switching back to something a bit more the given normal when things get a bit more powerful the Retro 2 is for you, and ultralite ready! Thank us later.

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