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The Pro 2 Grip was our simplest evolution to date. We took the feedback from our riders, looking for a more dynamic pattern and checked out as much information from what the pro’s are up to on their traction designs and went to work. Studying EVA densities, testing when the material got wet, what changed and how we could create even more grip than our previous model. Our back block offers a foot trap that lock things down when things start to get serious about planting the back foot for the most critical of turns. Combine that with perfectly allocated arch support and we are happy with how our Pro 2 performs, most importantly so are all our team and customers. Freefall will always be about keeping things a touch more simple which takes the confusion out of choosing your next surf accessory with a focus on reliability function. More gripping, less slipping!

Available in Combed Lines and Diamond ruff textures.

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