The lightest foam hexcore on the market and offers a unique responsive flex suited to performance surfing.


The toughest and most lively materials currently available. Increases flex response while decreasing weight. Keeps your surfings stable and predictable in powerful conditions, as well as lively and responsive in more playful conditions. Premium technology for surfers of all levels


Fiberflex fins are machine cut from 30 layers of solid fibreglass. Our Fiberflex technology is stiff and widely used by pro-level surfers because the integrity of the flex is maintained under immense force, in the most powerful of conditions and situations. When used in Twin, Keel and Single Fin fins, the flex remains true the fins traditional with control and drive at the original core of the design.


Combining 12K and Unidirectional carbon fiber reinforces Freefall’s strongest, lightest and most robust fin construction. 12K is the stiffest carbon fiber available and when used as our base it creates more resistance and less flex, resulting in more drive. Unidirectional carbon runs in the same direction rather than woven together and is used for strengthening air plane wings where more stiffness is needed. Not only that, it is lighter than woven carbon and fiberglass making our 2x technology lighter and stronger. Combine all that into our Freefall Pro series gives our fins a more lively feel due to the way the flex responds in a much faster manner. Take the decision-making out of your next fin choice, nothing on the market compares in price to what 2x technology offers. 

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