Tail Pads, Deck Grip, Traction – the descriptions are endless but the functionality is key. The density of EVA foam is essentially what makes them stand out from the rest. All our grips are tested to perform and last! Our lock and groove pattern is what locks your foot in and stops any chance of sliding more so than anything sourced or produced in Bali, just look at our team riders and the crazy situations they find themselves in around the waves around Indonesia. Don’t be fooled by our price tag as all our products are manufactured under license at the same place at all the big companies manufacture too. Less slipping, more ripping!


The Pro 1 Grip is our simplest evolution to date. A performance grip that fits most board shapes and comes with all our latest technology in one neat package. Less thinking about traction choice is more mind surfing time with your latest board purchase.


The latest Pro 2 is the past few years of texture researching, kick testing and sales data all rolled into a 2 piece grip that performs. A Hybrid profile pattern combines with the 45/90 degree kick for a foot trap that locks things down when things start to get serious about planting the back foot for the most critical of turns. More gripping, less slipping!


Our best selling and most popular grip both with both team riders and our store. The Pro 3 comes in a number of variations, texture profiles and the kicker wedge in either a straight 45 degree or 45/90 option. The 7mm arch locks the rear foot into the sweet spot, all this combines for what a deck pad should look and feel like on a performance shortboard.


The pro series goes level 4 with our latest addition in quartet format. Constructed with the highest grade EVA and 3M adhesive on the market our Pro 4 is our proudest traction offering to date.  We spent many months on how to simplify our next design along while keeping the performance consistent. Tight combed corduroy lines, sanded in the lower groove left to right provides a less abrasive yet high performance set up.   #lessslippingmoreripping


The Pro 5 is a 5 piece grip that caters for many different tail sets up and can be spread apart in many different options to get maximum coverage. Available in our grid lock texture or hybrid offering of some of our proven profiles, it is the problem solver of all our traction range when choice really becomes difficult. 


We’ve been busy on our traction range in recent times, testing all sorts of materials, sizes, shapes and designs with big results. But… the last piece of  the puzzle has finally locks into place. Right in time for the endless Indo swells, your newly purchased step up. The step up fits perfectly into tails that are more pulled in and designed for surfing when it’s ON!  Our signature 45/90 kick with a 7mm arch bar – the Step Up is a serious grip for serious surfing!  PS. All our grips are made by surfers, for surfers, right here in Bali with all imported materials and technology.


Introducing our latest grip addition – Pro Fish. With our epic range of twin fins it was only a matter of time until we worked on the ultimate grip for your favourite summer fun machine. Fitting perfectly into that wide tailed board with a spread of super gripping traction that you’ve always searched for but never quite covers all bases of your back foot. Available in combed lines & Diamond Ruff across our most popular colours. 


Built for punts and getting into situations where some extra attention’s needed in the front foot department, our Frontside gets you up, up and away! Sick of your wax not gripping like it was the last surf as it’s melted during your scooter ride to the beach? The Mrs has just let loose on you after getting wax over the new car seats? Yes we know that pain too, stick one of these where the sun definitely shines and never loose sleep over a block of wax again.

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