From the power surfing of the 80’s & early days of 3 fin surfing to the current top 44 surfers in the world. The outline, the base & the balance across its entire water entry & exit is exactly what has got us to how you see surfers performing today. The Freefall F1 template is exactly why you find yourself here checking out our products, proven functionality and a friendly price tag to match. Keep it simple – less decisions equals more surf time. Our first fin release gets the update treatment in 2022 that we’ve spent endless Bali pandemic sessions refining. Speed & flow with a progressive approach to the waves both when there are on and not so on! Looking for quicker start-up speed when the waves are average? Looking to attack the lip at a faster rate due to a tighter turn circle when it’s time to launch? The F1 upright series is all that and more. #shredwitus

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