Are you ready to level up your surfing game? Surfboard fins are a crucial tool that can help you stay in control and stable while catching waves in any condition.  These fins are designed to handle the pressure of surfing with features like strong bases, honeycomb shapes, and smooth edges. With different shapes and sizes available, you can customise your board to suit your surfing style. 


The Pro1 touches down after 2+ years of R&D mostly via the lonely Indo pandemic waters. A performance template constructed around our Carbon 2x technology. Lively & responsive, the Pro1 is perfectly suited to high-performance surfing, the hybrid carbon technology delivering some extra zap both in and out of manoeuvres. A neutral rake makes sure these fins release with precision but hold tight in the most critical of conditions. Built from the highest grade materials available. Plug the Pro1 in and let the surfing do the talking


Introducing the Pro 2. After much trial, error, filming, sunburn and countless coconuts & nasi gorengs across Indonesia, we are very excited to introduce our Pro 2 fin template. Our team has put themselves across some serious sessions in all types of testing waves getting these right. From heaving Desert Point to perfect Bingin and everything in between, the results have been mind-warping. Holding tight in huge fast barrels, drawing out lengthy powerful carves like the A list pro’s and demanding the attention of the spectators, gasping at sky-high spray when pushed thru the top section of the bowl. Available in all sizes with our signature Ultralite core and a wide range of colors. The Pro 2 is now ready to unlock your next level of surfing while allowing some change back in your wallet and another road trip to your favorite weekend spot!


From the power surfing of the 80’s & early days of 3 fin surfing to the current top 44 surfers in the world. The outline, the base & the balance across its entire water entry & exit is exactly what has got us to how you see surfers performing today. The Freefall F1 template is exactly why you find yourself here checking out our products, proven functionality and a friendly price tag to match. Keep it simple – less decisions equals more surf time.


After the success of our ever popular F1 template it was hard to improve but after countless sessions with our team here it is! Take your performance to the next level with even tighter turning circles in the most critical of sections while holding more speed and control than any of our other fins! Feel like you need to push harder than the other guys in the lineup thru the wave of the day? Look no further – the F2 has arrived for your riding pleasure.


After the success of our ever popular F1 template it was hard to improve but after countless sessions with our team here it is! Take your performance to the next level with even tighter turning circles in the most critical of sections while holding more speed and control than any of our other fins! Feel like you need to push harder than the other guys in the lineup thru the wave of the day? Look no further – the F2 has arrived for your riding pleasure.


Our most all round twin fin template just got the summer makeover it deserved and they look just like something our of your favorite candy store you used to visit as a grommet. Part upright, part keel but full performance is where the Cosmic twin fits into your newest summer quiver addition. Whether you find yourself cruising an early morning fun-sized beach break session or looking to add a bit more spice to your performance twin fin – these fins add the zip and flair that you’ve been searching for in all new colorways no matter what your palette needs are.

WIDTH: 128MM ,DEPTH: 133mm, RAKE: 31, FOIL: FLAT


The latest addition to the Freefall Twin family touches down – The High Line. More refined and ready to boost your twin fin performance surfing to the next level. Missing out on sections that are presenting themselves for a good old fashion belting? Worried about nursing bottom turns due to past twin fin experiences not holding when the waves get a bit more powerful? Tried keels and other larger twin fins and just not getting the zap and pop that you see the usual suspects on instagram displaying? We weren’t either and after months of development our High Line series now has filled the void and twisting things into new dimensions. The sessions that have been going down with the run of epic swells we have had in Bali recently have been beyond expectations and now we look forward to sharing the same excitement with our customers. Good times & high lines are now here in our latest twin fin format.

WIDTH: 128MM ,DEPTH: 143mm, RAKE: 34, FOIL: FLAT


The Shredder couldn’t be anymore true to its title, it shreds and shreds hard! Our most performance twin fin we offer holds thru everything you can throw into it and then some. Made for performance twins and surfers who want to take their twin fin game up numerous levels. Constructed from solid fiberglass and the highest grade resin, the Shredder will never let you down when the waves turn on – GUARANTEED. An aggressive raked finishing point plus the extra base and surface area give you the EXTRA advantage on your next twinny session.



The Short Cut twin has medium-area upright template. With its low rake and narrow tip, this fin offers responsive pivot and release functionality. The design also allows for quick direction changes, ensuring predictive performance while maintaining drive in all conditions


Wet Season Bali 20/21 once again has proven to be the gift that keeps on giving. Our team and friends surfed non stop across so many different conditions and set ups testing our huge array of samplers and prototypes. Once the season changed, the votes counted, feedback adhered to,  it was a few obvious models that really stood out. Our updated twin+1 template just kept polling the results that our test pilots were seeking each and every time. The drive and speed these fins produce really has to be ridden to believe. Plug in the stabilizer and its all the control you always searched for from a twin fin but just couldn’t hang on thru some of those turns when you pushed the power button a touch more than usual. Another factor we really looked at closely was keeping the weight down without sacrificing the required flex and our signature Ultralite core once again ticked all those boxes. Looking for the ultimate addition to your quiver of fins, freeing up that board that just didn’t get the required fun factor you were looking for or just want to hit hyper speed? Look no further as the new Freefall Twin+1 Ultralite series covers all that and some.


CENTER FINS: WIDTH: 86MM ,DEPTH: 87mm, RAKE: 29, FOIL: 50/50


The all new cosmic 2 hybrid twin. More drive, more hold, perfectly paired with bigger boards or controlling a smaller shredder that is lacking drive and/or control. High end fins made for high speed surfing


The Retro twin is exactly what the instructions tell us, Old School lines with the flare of the 80’s. Traditional keel outline that has lasted the test of time and still gets the attention of the watchers on the beach as Captain Good Vibes flashes past in a burst of speed that’s rarely seen on anything that resembles a semi normal surf craft in 2020 and beyond! Looking to relive your childhood memories or just want to inject some much needed fun into your summer quiver? Look no further as the Retro Twin is exactly what you are looking for. Made from the highest quality resins, tint and glass, don’t be fooled by its playful appearance – these fins are the most cutting edge keels on the market under $100


That upgrade to your love of surfing is now here in the Retro 2 keel format. A slightly larger base gives this even more hold than our original template making it thru the section of the day a cake walk in top gear. After a smaller season of waves and riding our original keel template the timing of popping some of these into our favorite fish tail couldn’t of come at a better time. If you like the feel of a twin fin and not into switching back to something a bit more the given normal when things get a bit more powerful the Retro 2 is for you, and ultralite ready! Thank us later.


The Lumberjack is a versatile all-rounder template. Its larger sizes complement single-fin longboard setups, while the smaller and medium sizes perfectly match mid-lengths, performance single fins, and 2+1 setups. Offering the best of both worlds in performance and versatility. Crafted with care, the rigid wide base provides solid drive while the raked flexible ensures fluid top-to-bottom turns and precise manoeuvring, delivering the best of both worlds in performance.


The Freefall Noserider is crafted for optimum control and stability during nose riding and riding the forward area of longer boards. The Noserider area has a generous filled-out tip for extra drive and holds tight while manoeuvring through sections. The upright template effortlessly pivots and turns, gliding you into sections for extended nose rides and maximum hang time.

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